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Our Clients Speak Out

We have introduced our company, highlighted our services and projects for you in our website, but our clients can tell you more about Bi-State Fire Protection than we can. We proudly share their comments.


Brinkmann Constructors is well known for delivering a product on time and under budget, which can also be said true for Bi-State Fire Protection. We have always found that Bi-State excels when it comes to engineering a more economical way to complete their scope of work. They are also a company that fully understands that a project is more successful if the work is performed in a timely manner. Brinkmann Constructors has worked with Bi-State Fire Protection for many years, and we look forward in continuing our relationship with them for years to come.

Daniel J. Feagans
Project Manager

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At Clayco, we create partnerships with our subcontractors and suppliers that allow us to deliver the best cost and the highest quality for our clients. Bi-State is among those we have come to rely on for full service fire protection. They have an aggressive approach to cost, creative problem-solving and commitment to quality and a sense of urgency that matches ours.

Robert G. Clark


Bi-State's business philosophy is similar to Clayco's. They have an aggressive, positive, can-do attitude that is a pleasure to work with.

Bi-State's business approach of managing all phases of their work — in house shop drawings, pipe fabrication and underground excavation work — lead Bi-State to better quality control and execution of fast track schedules.

Steven R. Sieckhaus
Vice President of Operations


I've worked with Bi-State Fire Protection for more than six years. They are one of the best fire sprinkler contractors in St. Louis. It's a privilege to work with a company that has so much integrity and honesty.

They always do what they say they will do. We recently worked together on the CitiPlace III project, and they were an integral part of the Clayco design and construction team.

They are organized, efficient, responsive and attentive to any project challenges. They always meet our schedule requirements.

John Sabo
Project Manager

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Bi-State has done very well for us and are constantly aware of the owner's interest. They're conscientious about types of systems that work best, and they know how to keep our projects on line and on time.

I have watched Bi-State grow over the years, and I think the key to their success is their organizational ability. They are always on top of the situation and in place with the proper planning.

Another strength is their communication. Good news, bad news or any news, they are very up-front and straightforward. Construction bounces up and down and all around; there are always issues. The communication lines are open both ways. That's one of the most important things — there are no surprises with Bi-State

Greg Czarnik
Construction Manager

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A general contractor wants a subcontractor to come on the job and do it economically and on time - Bi-State does that. I've worked with Bi-State on various projects for over 25 years, so I know how experienced they are.

However, the Chase was especially challenging. Whenever you renovate a 500,000 square foot building, you run into mountains of varying conditions. The Chase complex consists of four buildings — the original 11-story Chase Hotel, built in 1929; the annex; the old Chester building; and the Khorassan Room, built in 1956. Bi-State designed , fabricated, and installed a first-class system.

Curt personally kicked off the project. Then his experienced engineers and designers jumped in and handled everything. They not only gave us excellent engineering, but they innovated in the field to take care of the unusual things that were part of this renovation. We were very pleased with the quality of his field personnel as well as his engineering and office staff.

Russ Shilt
Executive Vice President

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Bi-State Fire Protection has been a valued affiliate of Hufton Construction, Inc. for over ten years. During that time, we have experienced a positive working relationship and open communication on every job. Our experience has shown that Bi-State excels in both the design and build aspects of fire protection, and, when dealing with them, one can be assured of a superior quality product complemented by a high level of personal service.

The fact that The Bi-State Team is extremely conscientious and has a high degree of integrity makes it easy for Hufton employees to put our trust in them for all of our full-service fire protection needs. From the president to the pipe fitters to the office staff, all personnel are extremely helpful and personable; providing clear direction; quality service; concise and efficient paperwork; and quick, courteous responses when questions do arise.

I enjoy working with Bi-State because all their employees are easy to work with – they work well with other subcontractors, and they are very helpful during the inspection process.

Jason Provinse
Commercial Project Manager


Bi-State teams are great to work with…I wish all of our subcontractor’s were as personable, efficient and proficient in their trade.

Harold Lockhart
Residential Project Manger

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I can count on Bi-State, and that makes my job easier.

Bi-State's best attribute is that they provide a professional design at an economical price. For the Lakefront project, Bi-State installed the rough-in pipe in extremely quick time with a quality effort. That helped keep us on schedule when we lost a little time during the winter.

The Bi-State Team is professional and knowledgeable, and they are straight shooters. Their suggestions help me present accurate proposals to clients. Their designers are efficient and work well with my other design/build subcontractors. Their foremen are excellent and responsive. They work directly with me and the local fire authority at job completion to test the system. They know the local fire marshals, so the last testing effort usually goes smoothly.

When we get down to the wire, that's when I really need a company like Bi-State - and they come through for me. We don't forget that.

John Piedimonte
Project Manager

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Bi-State was one of a bevy of bidders for the $90 million, Boeing Track II Ramp Facility project. Bi-State was the low bidder, but I was impressed that they had thoroughly studied it and were familiar with the demands of this large, complex facility.

The project will replace the existing Super Hornet F-18 Flight Ramp and will add 90,000 square-foot of office space attached to the new hangar. This project is a very technical, complicated undertaking. It's not your typical fire protection job and requires specialized foam systems because of the aircraft fuel. There are two 300,000-gallon fire water storage tanks with four fire pumps, which will be the largest of its kind in the region.

During the initial interview, Bi-State offered value-engineering recommendations, which we have implemented. Bi-State's been great in guiding and helping us evaluate the impact of different options so we can make informed decisions.

Tom Felton
Vice President, Industrial Division


I can't say enough good things about Bi-State Fire Protection. I have been very impressed with Bi-State's cooperation and coordination on the Boeing Super Hornet F-18 project.

Many issues on a project of this scope come up, and BiState Fire Protection has done an outstanding job, offering valuable suggestions on different ways to do things. Bi-State is just starting the underground piping portion of the job. Bi-State Fire Protection is very knowledgeable and takes the initiative to resolve project challenges that come up. If there is a pricing change, they respond quickly — no having to call repeatedly to get an answer.

Dan Licari
Senior Project Manager

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I’ve worked with Bi-State Fire Protection for over seven years and have consistently found them to have efficient solutions to every fire protection need. The professionalism with the Bi-State team, from top to bottom — office, shop and field, is unmatched for any trade contractor in the St. Louis Metro area.

When called upon to meet a nearly impossible completion deadline, Bi-State Fire ‘stepped-up’. After being repeatedly delayed by other trade contractors, they mobilized a crew of 12 workers to start work at 2 PM, worked 24 hours without stopping, and obtained approval for occupancy on schedule protecting a lease for 200,000 SF of warehouse space. Then again, meeting their commitments is what they do every day.

Mark Kamphoefner
Senior Project Manager

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Bi-State team for many years.

Their staff has always displayed a professional attitude.

Having worked with many sprinkler contractor’s throughout the United States I can safely state that Bi-State is, in my opinion, one of a handful of contractors who take pride and ownership of their work. They’re involvement from project beginning to project end is a true team effort.

I’ve had many opportunities to work with The Bi-State staff on many projects in and around the St. Louis Metroploitan area. They listen and understand the engineer’s design concept and offer “value engineering” options for design team consideration.

Additionally, they react in a timely manner to field design changes. Drawings and shop drawing submittals are complete, clear, concise and coordinated with other trades.

It has been and will continue to be a pleasure to have Bi-State as part of team for our future construction projects.

Andrew R. Nicks Jr.
Senior Designer - Plumbing & Fire

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